Guides, Tips and Tricks

Here are some guides, tips and tricks in Club Penguin for all of you users and penguins out there.


Tour Guide

To become a tour guide, you have to be at least 45 days old. The tour booth is at the Ski Village.

located at the Ski Village
Tour guide interface

You will need to do a test so click the bottom section of the interface to become a tour guide. Though however, it is required to become 45 days old. If under it will show a different box.

under 45 days
under 45 days old
45 days old and over
45 days old and over


There will be a quiz for the tour guide. The questions are random and are based on your knowledge of club penguin. I think theres about 5-7 questions. Heres an example of a quiz question:



Once youre done you will complete the quiz and receive your Tour Guide Hat.





Youll also receive a postcard that you are now a tour guide.




Rockhoppers Key and Friendship Bracelet

These two items are located at the Book Room. Click the bookshelf and a line of books pop up. These items are hidden in two books: Rockhopper and the Stowaway and Rockhopper’s Journal.




Rockhoppers Key is in Rockhoppers Journal. Here, you flip through the pages and head to the end of the page, and you will find an item. Click it, its the key.



The friendship bracelet is in Rockhopper and the Stowaway (blue book). Also flip through the end and youll find an item.





Both are free and are in your inventory. The friendship bracelet is a hand item and Rockhoppers Key is a pin.




Button Codes
E+1 = Smile face 1
E+2 = Smile face 2
E+3 = Serious face 1
E+4 = Sad face 1
E+5 = Shocked face
E+6 = Funny face
E+7 = Wink face
E+8 = Gross face
E+9 = Mad face
E+0 = Sad face 2
E+B = Lightbulb
E+C = Coffee
E+D = Sun
E+F = Flower
E+G = Joystick/Controller
E+H = Heart
E+I = Igloo
E+K = Cake
E+L = Clover
E+M = Coin
E+N = Moon
E+O = Popcorn
E+P = Puffle
E+Q = Pink Ice Cream
E+S = Skull (removed)
E+T = Green Music Note/Fart
E+U = Serious face 2
E+W = Brown Ice Cream
E+Z = Pizza
1/! = “!” (exclamation mark)
//? = “?” (question mark)
B = Goodbye
D = Dance
H = Hello
J = Joke
N = No
O = Ok
S = Sit (any direction)
T = Snowball
W = Wave
Y = Yes


Sled Racer Tips and Tricks

  • In sled racer, it has been updated with leaderboards, obstacles, and power ups.
  • There are less obstacles when it starts, and more obstacles when it continues
  • Sled Racer is a game where the player avoids getting hit and going down an endless path of a mountain.
  • Power-Ups are able to help you, but choose them wisely. I don’t want you to end up going bullocks. The best choice are Parachute, Revive,  and Toot Blaster.
  • There are a lot of items and obstacles. The ice can speed the player, and if Tube Wax power-up is used, it can “glide” faster.
  • At the start of  a game, it goes slowly. As it ascends, it gets difficult.
  • Practice and Patience are key to this game.
  • The Revive power-up can give you one life, and use the power up wisely, and try not to hit obstacles as much.
  • Power ups are for members only, or can be bought.
  • Controlling the game (the left right jump etc.)  is important. It can also give you a high score, and how well you do.
  • Once you crash into something, it still plays on, depending on where you are, and will give you an extra tube (If Revive is used) and a Boost (if Toot Blaster is used).


How to Become Famous

  • Blogging – Make a blog using WordPress or whatever good type of website maker. Then start talking about the current events and activities occurring on the Club Penguin island. You’ll get at least a decent amount of views and other stuff. Try and also add some detail as well as for some art or something. Make the blog name simple like the other blogs, such as “” or something like that.
  • Videos – Make a YouTube account, and start recording some cool stuff like Club Penguin. As times go by, you might as well get some views and feedback. Videos can be about walkthroughs, accounts, or whatever you’d like to record about. Some penguins can notice you by then, and they’ll likely be a fan of your videos and such.
  • Social Media – Make some account like Twitter for example, and interact with some of your community fans on social media.
  • Accounts – Start with a decent account and name on Club Penguin and waddle on for a while. You can also make a backup account if necessary, just incase your main gets banned. For your backup, you can use characters like “2” or “backup”. For example: “Seth 2”.
  • Wear Something Cool – On Club Penguin, there are a lot of items from past to present parties that you can wear, both member, non member, and unlockable. Here, you can choose whatever you want and you’ll eventually come up with a good item combination. For me, I chose a Sailor Hat, an Eyepatch, a Santa Beard neck item, the Black and Red Sailor Shirt, the Friendship Bracelet, and the Brown Pirate Boots. Make it simple, so that they can easily spot you. Some penguins could copy you too. Pretty cool.

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