Hacks are on the island. One may use a variety of programs, such as Wpe Pro, or some sort.




Blueprints Hack

An old video based on this trick, known as the Blueprints. It mainly shows your penguin holding a Blueprint, like in your igloo. Tips are below on how this works.


  1. Open up WPE Pro
  2. Target the Program (Browser)
  3. Press Play at the Top Left
  4. Click anywhere
  5. Press Stop at the Top Left
  6. Right click the first option, which is the Send packet and click “Set Send List with this Socket ID”
  7. Click the Send page at the left side of WPE Pro, then click the File in the middle
  8. In the file, you should have some Send Packets (or wherever you have the send packets in). Click on “Blueprints.spt”. It then should have two “Blueprints” in the Send area of WPE Pro.
  9. Checkmark both selections of the Blueprints, then press Play above the Send list.
  10. It will send you to “Send Settings”. Set the Timer to “2”, and leave it at “100” milliseconds. Then, press Play at the right side of the settings.
  11. Minimize (-) WPE Pro, and you’ll see your penguin holding Blueprints. Others can see it too, including you.


Snowball Hack

Same thing. And this is on how the snowball goes “out of bounds”.


  1. Open up WPE Pro
  2. Target Program (Browser)
  3. Press Play at the Top Left
  4. Throw a Snowball
  5. Press Stop at the Top Left
  6. A packet screen should pop up. In the send list, you Right click the Send Packet and click “Send”.
  7. In the send packet, shows #xt#s#u#sb%41%###%###%. The three numbers at the end indicate as a coordinate, on where you threw the snowball. You can switch that to any number, like “%999%999%.”. 999 goes out of the border, as if you were throwing it out of bounds.
  8. At the Send system, Set it as “Continuously”, and set the Timer to “600” milliseconds. Then press Play.
  9. Minimize WPE Pro, and you’re done. You can’t see yourself throwing it, but others can.


Soccer Ball/Hockey Puck Hack

This is how the Soccer Ball or Hockey Puck glitches at the Stadium. It works for both.


  1. Go to the Stadium
  2. Open up WPE Pro
  3. Target the Program (Browser)
  4. Press Play at the Top Left
  5. Click, and waddle to the Soccer Ball’s/Hockey Puck’s path, as if you were playing with it.
  6. Press Stop at the Top Left
  7. A packet should show up. Right click the Send packet, and click “Send”.
  8. There should be a big amount of numbers in this coding. Delete some of those, until you get to  “%0%0”, and add Any amount to the coding like “-111%109” at the end. Be sure to set the Packet Size to “34”.
  9. At the Send system, be sure to set it to “Continuously”, and the Timer to “400” milliseconds. Then press Play.
  10. Minimize WPE Pro, and you should be at the Stadium with the Soccer Ball/Hockey Puck randomly glitching around. Pretty cool. You and others can see it.




http://wpepro.net – The site for the Winstock Packet Editor (WPE) Pro


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is WPE Pro?

WPE stands for “Winstock Packet Editor”, and WPE Pro is a packet editing software. There is a website for it, too.


Which browser do I target?

  • Internet Explorer – iexplore.exe
  • Firefox – firefox.exe
  • Google Chrome – chrome.exe
  • Opera – opera.exe
  • Others – plugin-container.exe


Some of these hacks don’t work!

Perhaps it was long ago before it was removed or some sort. Sorry about that.


Will you get Banned?

Yes. So it might be risky at times, so be careful, and be advised that we are not responsible for any bans.


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