Seth’s History

I joined Club Penguin in 2010 but wasnt too experienced. Only penguin had one ban and was later very inactive.

Started again in 2011 and made two penguins: Aunt Artic 6 and Lego Man 76.

I had them for a long time, until Lego Man 76 got banned forever for no unfortunate reason in November 2012. I still had Aunt Artic 6, though, but then made other accounts, since I didn’t have any comfort in using that account (But sometimes I still use it).

I made accounts in 2012 as well, such as Lol30000 and Fart 49303, and they weren’t banned at all, and were still my other remaining accounts.

I still even made some more accounts during the time. I made Security in June 2012, Lol30000 and Fart 49303 in July 2012, some “White” test penguins in July, August, and December 2012. Unfortunately, all the “White” penguins (White12320, White1o0o0o0o, White4523, etc.) were all banned within a few hours, leaving me with only a few penguins (White 3, etc.).

And I still made some in 2013, such as Harry Bilmer (January 2013), Gray Pengu (February 2013), Lego Man 433 (February 2013), etc. I had most of the accounts available, and a few of them, such as Gray Pengu got deactivated. I also even made T E S T (May 2013), News (May 2013), News7 (May 2013), T E S T 3 (May 2013), Borg (May 2013). Unfortunately, all those were banned forever and I had to restart again, as fresh, again. I also made Etest, Etest Cp, Small Dane, Test6, and Test39 in October 2013, as for one of my test penguins.

Okay, here at 2014. Nothing else, rather than the unusual.

In March of 2014, there was nothing unusual happening, rather than making two accounts, which are “Php Computer”, and that.

I believe in April of 2014, I made “Army Of Cp”, in this case remains as my ACP related penguin for army events. This account still has been accompanied by me.

During the Penguin Cup event in June, this was a big one. I had made some penguins, such as Tests (Now my part of test penguins), Snayer, and such. Most of the penguins, or maybe all are still in good condition.

On the August of 2014, I probably made some backup accounts, such as the present day backups Sethcp, Seth Mcbob, Phat Seth, and Seth100. These accounts are mine.

Nothing else happened in the late 2014.

Here at the present year 2015.

Starts off where I went on for the fair, where I made most of the test penguins (Test 400, Mrs Test, Mr Test, Test 404, Test 1010, Test 111, Test 15, Test 67, Ninja Test, etc.).

In and around June 2015, I probably made Test Guide, a test penguin to help out. Later in July, I made Chatbar, Cp Helper1, Disneycp, and all that.

In August of 2015, I made Ninja Pwn, Ninja642, Ninja59, Tests 321, Tests 123, Tests2, Test Pwn12, etc.). They’ve been kept ever since.

In September, I made some more, such as Guard, and such.

In October, during the 10th anniversary party, I made some more accounts, such as Mr Pudding, Penguin Z, Back Up, Police 01, Police 02, Police 03, Cp Script, Reporter 04, and more. All were kept at least.

During the Halloween Party, I made a few more to go, such as Im A Test, Pro578 Www, Band Member, Ninja Game, Ninja Spot, and more. This was where Police 01, Police 02, and Police 03 were banned forever.

To this day, I will be waddling on and on and on.



List of Penguins owned

  • Ian (2005) – 3 lettered username created on Club Penguin 13 years ago in 2005. Currently deactivated due to inactivity and possibly due to shortness in username.
  • Juliane707 (2009/2010-2011) – Remembered this one quite a bit. Deactivated due to inactivity, had one ban for swearing
  • Aunt Artic 6 (2011-present) – Made in mid 2011. Still active.
  • Lego Man 76 (2011 – November 2012) – Made in mid 2011. Banned forever on November 2012 for no reason.
  • Lol30000 (July 2012-present) – Made in mid 2012. Still active.
  • Fart 49303 (July 2012-present) – Made in mid 2012. Still active.
  • White12320 (December 2012) – Made in late 2012. Banned forever.
  • White1o0o0o0o0 (December 2012) – Made in late 2012. Banned forever.
  • White4523 (December 2012) – Made in late 2012. Banned forever
  • Epicwhite1 (December 2012) – Made in late 2012. Banned forever.
  • White 3 (2013) – Made in 2013. Deactivated to inactivity
  • Lego Man 433 (2013) – Made in early 2013. Deactivated to inactivity
  • Gray Pengu (2013) – Made in 2013. Deactivated to inactivity
  • Harry Bilmer (2013-present) – Made in 2013. Somewhat active.
  • T E S T (2013) – Made in mid 2013. Banned forever.
  • Etest (2013-2015) – Made in late 2013. Banned forever on July 2015.
  • Etest Cp (2013-present) – Made in late 2013. Still active.
  • Test6 (2013-2016) – Made in late 2013. Test account. Deactivated for inactivity
  • Test39 (2013-2016) – Made in late 2013. Test account. Deactivated for inactivity
  • Seth (2014-present) – Current account.
  • Phat Seth (2014-present) – backup account, not used often
  • Seth 2 (present) – Second account.


The history of the website

This blog was named “SethCP”, which obviously was owned by Seth ever since about September 2014. Seth then changed it into “Club Penguin Activity”, which is the current blog today. The reason why the name was chosen was about for, well, you know, activity around the island, and from our title: “Giving you the latest about Club Penguin”. It’s been a good time, for now.


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